Wholesale Clearance of New, Used, Damaged Goods and Stock

Wholesale clearance can be a touchy situation when you're trying to determine whether or not you're willing to sell your merchandise to a liquidator. Sometimes you get the feeling that holding onto your excess merchandise will enable you to sell it at a later date. On the other hand, you also know that letting pallet stock clearance items sit around gathering dust isn't helping your bottom line. Should you find yourself in this position it requires some careful consideration and planning.

damaged stock

When you're ready to sell your wholesale clearance items a good choice among buyers is UK-based Salvageliquidator. We are a company with many years of experience in the wholesale clearance business. We purchase new items, damaged stock, redundant goods, job lots, and pallet stock clearance. We aren't fussy in terms of the types of merchandise we buy either. As long as you're not offering perishable food items or cars we are willing to take a look at whatever you've got.

The Bottom Line is Everything

Whether your business works at the retail or wholesale level, bottom line is everything. Investors and shareholders are not interested in the reasons why you're holding on the wholesale clearance, they just want to see that merchandise moved so that your cash position improves. The best way to improve your bottom line in such cases is to sell that excess merchandise to Salvageliquidator. We pride ourselves in prompt decisions and the best prices in the industry.

If you're located in the UK, we can most likely have a decision for you within 24 hours of our personal inspection. Shortly after that we can collect your merchandise and make prompt payment accordingly. Imagine being able to convert your damaged stock or wholesale clearance items into positive cash flow in a matter of days rather than months. That's what we can do for you!

Size Doesn't Really Matter

Another advantage Salvageliquidator gives you the lies in the fact that we are not concerned about lot size. Of course, we aren't able to send a truck to you for a single pair of shoes, but from one container to an entire fleet of containers, we'll take lots of any size. Brand-name goods fetch a better price because they're easy for us to sell, but we can buy your generic merchandise and off-brands as well. All we ask is the opportunity to inspect the goods in person before we make an offer. This protects both parties and ensures a fair transaction.

When it comes time to pay Salvageliquidator doesn't believe in making you wait. That's why we use an escrow service and electronic funds transfer to get the job done. This ensures a prompt payment without any questions. In fact, in everything we do we strive for the highest standards of integrity, honesty, and professionalism. At Salvageliquidator we treat you and your business in the same way we would expect to be treated. We're sure you wouldn't have it any other way.

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