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Salvage Liquidator – The Best Choice for Redundant Goods Disposal

Salvageliquidator is a UK-based company specialising in inventory liquidation across a wide variety of industries. We have many years experience helping customers with all sorts of liquidations both domestically and around the world. Our expertise and international reach gives us an advantage over many of our competitors; an advantage that ensures the best possible outcome for our clients.

To understand our business one need only understand the term "liquidation." Salvageliquidator purchases extra merchandise from retail businesses, wholesale distributors, and service sector industries undergoing remodelling or expansion. It doesn't matter whether the merchandise is surplus goods left over from the previous season, clearance merchandise from a retail outlet, or salvage goods being sold after a fire, natural disaster, or criminal event. Our job is to buy up that merchandise and move it to a new market.

Looking out for Clients

Among the many things that have helped us succeed over the years, none is more important than our commitment to our clients. Salvageliquidator understands the competitive nature of both the retail and wholesale businesses as well as how easy it is to upset the competitive balance between companies. We always look out for our clients to the extent that we will never compete with them using the very merchandise we purchased.

For example, if we purchased job lot inventory consisting of clothing and electronics, we won't turn around and sell it in the same market as the client from whom we purchased. If that means we must ship the merchandise overseas, that's what we'll do. Similarly, if we're hired to liquidate surplus merchandise in a stock dispute between two retailers, we will move that merchandise as far away from the competitor's markets as possible. It doesn't matter whether the merchandise is end of line, discontinued or simply excess inventory, Salvageliquidator looks out for the best interests of its clients.

Bankruptcy and Insolvency

Salvageliquidator also offers excellent bankrupt stock and insolvency services. We understand how sensitive these types of transactions can be and we endeavour to always protect the integrity and reputation of our customers. Furthermore, our expertise in liquidation procedures around the world gives us the ability to work with insolvency practitioners, bankers, and courts in order to ensure a smooth and efficient transaction with the best prices possible.

Along those same lines Salvageliquidator can provide similar services for companies dealing with the aftermath of a natural disaster or fire. We act as a liaison between your company and insurance adjusters, inspectors, and others you might be dealing with. Our staff can walk you through the process step-by-step, helping ensure everything is done properly and above board. And after, Salvageliquidator also provides consultation services to help you map out your future inventory control goals.

If you have any sort of merchandise liquidation needs anywhere in the world, Salvageliquidator is the best company for the job. We offer fast and professional service, quick turnaround, the best prices in the industry, and a commitment to professionalism and integrity in everything we do.

Damaged salvage

Flood, Fire, Riot - Damaged Salvage Stock Purchased

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There are a lot of salvage collection companies out there offering to help relieve you of your excess merchandise. But how many of them are experts with damaged salvage? How many can come to your aid after floods, fire, or riot? Salvageliquidators is one of the world's leading damaged salvage companies whose business is to help your business after a devastating event. We can offer you goods clearance, consultancy services, administrative help with your insurance company, and a variety of other services. Don't let your damaged salvage be the ruin of your company, call us at Salvageliquidators today.

Furniture salvage

Furniture Salvage Experts - Sell Your Redundant Goods Fast

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If you've dealt with salvage buyers before, what was your overall impression? Did they treat you fairly and honestly, arrange for quick collection, and pay a fair price? If not you need to consider Salvageliquidators next time you have redundant stock you need to get rid of. At Salvageliquidators we know how important it is for you to dispose of your excess merchandise regardless of why you have it. Whether you're remodelling a hotel or office, the victim of an unfortunate circumstance, or just in a place where you've ordered too much, we can take it from you and give you the best price possible.

Surplus disposal

Surplus Disposal Experts - Bulk Excess Buyer Wants Your Stock Now

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If you have excess stock of any kind, be it close-out items, discontinued items, damaged merchandise, or anything else, you need a surplus disposal company that can quickly address your needs and purchase your stock. Salvage liquidators is your best choice for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is the fact we\'ll buy just about anything. We want your bulk excess stock now and were willing to pay to get it. We\'ll even come right to your location to inspect it and pick it up. When it comes to surplus liquidators there\'s no one better than Salvageliquidator.

Liquidation stock

Liquidation Stock Buyers - Top Prices Paid For Your Goods

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Salvageliquidator are liquidation stock buyers interested in your excess inventory no matter where it is in the world. We'd be happy to take a look at your brand name clothing, surplus electronics, damaged and returned goods, redundant stock, close-outs, and discontinued items. We can take any quantities, big or small, and we can bring our vehicles right to you. If you'd prefer to ship your merchandise to us yourself we are fully capable of accepting your delivery in whatever means you ship it to us. All in all you won't find liquidators in the business. We pay top prices and guarantee prompt payment as well.

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